Northern Star: Alexie Pryd

For this week's segment, we feature a UW-Superior outside hitter who's making a name for herself in her first full season with the Yellowjackets.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Growing up in the Twin Cities, Alexie Pryd decided she wanted to go far away for college. But after a year at Division II’s Wingate University in North Carolina, Pryd decided to return home.

“I’m such a homebody. When I first went to school in North Carolina, I totally was homesick. The girls were great, the coach was great, he’s one of the best coaches in the country and it was a privilege to be coached by him but in the end, the Midwest has always been my home and some place that I wanted to come back to,” Pryd said.

Pryd joined the Yellowjackets for the COVID shortened spring season, where she earned All-UMAC second-team honors.

“This is my second semester as an outside hitter. I was a right side before this. I’ve been given many opportunities here that I might not have in the past and it’s been seriously developmental for my growth,” Pryd added.

Now with a full season, she’s leading the Yellowjackets in kills, a mark that ranks second in the UMAC.

“We just really like her energy and what she brings to us and that she just has the ability to be a gamechanger and has developed into somewhat of a go-to player for us at times. We need that leadership on the court and it’s difficult for teams to shut her down when she’s hot,” head coach Lynne Deadrick said.

With this full season, Pryd has been able to get more familiar with the program and build better relationships.

“Building chemistry with them is just so easy. And I’m very much myself here, like I’m not afraid to be goofy, be who I am and all of these girls accept that,” Pryd said.

She adds that she’s also the type of person to make friends on the court and she uses her competition as motivation.

“I make friends everywhere, all the time, I don’t care if you’re on the opposite team. Support one another, doesn’t matter what team you’re on, support them, if they do well, they play better than you, than they earned it. [The girl who leads the league in kills], she plays for Northwestern, Abby Glanzer. I aspire to be more consistent, to be more like that,” Pryd added.

All of that translates to Pryd’s leadership style with the Yellowjackets.

“Being the best teammate, being a friend, not just another person that they see on the court every once in a while. I want to be their friend, I want to be there for them on the court, off the court, and that’s just what friendship and leadership comes down to,” Pryd said.

As the Yellowjackets continue to build some momentum as the season winds down, Pryd is thankful she’s found her home in Superior.

“We don’t play this game because it’s a job, we play this game because it’s fun. Playing with this team is my favorite part of the day, every day. Coming here I’ve felt so welcomed and these girls have made every season here with them the best time of my life,” Pryd said.

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