PJ’s Rescue Holds Fundraiser For Puppy Undergoing Leg Amputation Surgery

DULUTH, Minn. — PJ’s Rescue went to Duluth Tap Exchange Sunday, hosting an adoption event for their animals, and a Halloween costume contest that is helping raise money for Juniper, as she is about to undergo a leg amputation and is looking for her forever home.

PJ’s Rescue is a foster based operation stationed in the Twin Ports that hosts events to fundraise, find homes for their animals, or recruit new foster parents.

“We’re really just foster based so we get these dogs in on transport and have members of the community like you take them into their homes, give them some love, and then we place them for adoption,” Molly Rotondo, Foster Coordinator for PJ’s Rescue, said.

Currently, PJ’s Rescue has a puppy named Juniper, who was born with a birth defect in her hind leg leaving it unusable, which is resulting in it having to be amputated, so it doesn’t affect the rest of her body.

“It just isn’t functional so in order to live her best life, it’s just gonna come all the way off, and she’ll be a beautiful three legged girl that’s going to run around and play,” Rotondo said.

According to Rotondo, when a dog goes through an amputation, they generally don’t have a hard time adjusting which is encouraging for Juniper. And with a large turnout at Sundays event, they feel she will be in good hands, “it’s been awesome we love the community support, we’ve got a lot of donations happening, we’ve got a lot of raffles that are going on from donations, and we just really appreciate the support from the community with this”.

PJ’s Rescue will be unveiling a new building that will be opening up officially next month on Garfield Avenue, which will make it easier to visit the animals, and they hope to start hosting events there come winter.

visit the PJ’s Rescue Facebook page for updates on the animals, to apply to be a foster parent, or to donate as well.

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