Costco Shelves Filling Up as Duluth Location Prepares to Open in 10 Days

With $10 million of inventory stocked to date and liquor shipments arriving this week, the big-box store is gearing up to open.

DULUTH, Minn.- Finishing touches are going into Duluth’s new Costco, set to open in just 10 days.

It’s all coming together inside the Costco building on Arrowhead Road. With shelves filling up, the warehouse floor is bare no more.

“Kind of the final process right now is setting up our checkout lanes and receiving the remainder of our inventory in the building,” said General Manager John Kuzas.

According to Kuzas, they started receiving inventory a week ago. And pandemic-related issues and the supply chain backlog, he said, haven’t affected them yet.

“So far not the inventory,” he said. “Some of the steel and raw materials were delayed initially but everything is here on-site and we’ll have it all put together by opening.”

They anticipate having all of the inventory in by Monday, the General Manager said.

Meanwhile, they’re also adding more members at the 20 signup tents throughout Duluth.

“It’s just a lot of people every day,” said Heidi Lawien, twirling the sign to draw people in. “And it varies, we’re getting a good turnout of people showing up for, showing up to the tents and signing up.”

Some of those working the tents are some of the store’s 220 new employees. Lawien was hired in august as a cashier.

Already a longtime Costco member, she said she’s excited to be a part of bringing the warehouse store to Duluth. “It means a lot to me.”

“I’ve been a Costco member for 14.5 years,” Lawien said. “I’ve moved from Duluth a couple of times, moved back here last November and I’m super excited that I heard Costco is coming back to town.”

With $10 million of inventory stocked to date and liquor shipments arriving this week, Kuzas said it’s the home stretch in bringing the big-box store to the Northland.

“It’s an organized mad-dash, yes. But we have a lot of people from outside of the city right now, too, helping us out, Costco employees. So we’ll be ready to go.”

Signup at the 20 tents throughout Duluth will be available until the grand opening October 28th.

Starting Monday, you can also signup in the doorway of the warehouse. Regular membership is $60 a year and executive membership is $120.

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