Duluth Police Department Partners with Auto Shops to Stop Catalytic Converter Thefts

DULUTH, Minn.- With the spike in catalytic converter thefts, the Duluth Police Department is teaming up with a few local auto shops in preventing future thefts from happening.

Catalytic converter thefts in the Northland are high as people are stealing the auto part for their valuable scrap metals. From September 1 to October 13, there have been 13 reported thefts. The average cost of replacing the converter can cost anywhere from $1,000-$2,000.

“We’ve been having a significant amount of catalytic converters stolen,” said DPD Auto Theft Investigator Ben Nordskog. “It’s been an issue for a few years now. People are able to get a lot of money when they cut them off of vehicles and sell them illegally. So because of that issue, it’s a program that we started.”

As part of the Catalytic Converter Initiative, 4th Street Auto, Thompson’s T-Express, and Allstar Service Center are partnering with the police department to prevent thefts by marking converters with an identification number or paint that will link the auto part to the original vehicle.

This way, when a person tries to steal the converter, the marking will be traced back to the original owner.

“This is the first line of defense you can do,” said 4th Street Auto Area Manager Jordan Matt. “It’s gonna make it hard for that criminal or that group of criminals to think twice before pulling it out. it’s not going to stop 100%, but what it’s gonna do is just going to help inhibit them from being stolen and taken off of your vehicle or your neighbor’s vehicle instead.”

Participating auto shops will install an identification number or high-temperature paint onto the auto part for free.

Northlanders who want to have their catalytic converter marked can go to one of the participating auto shops.

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