Time to Prepare for Heating Bills as Fuel Oil Prices Go Up

DULUTH, Minn.- It is getting chilly here in the Northland, and local energy companies help prepare households for the winter season.

Superior Fuel provides both propane and fuel oil to residential and commercial buildings but can now reach even more people with its recent expansion in West Duluth.

The fuel supplier is warning customers to get a headstart on saving for their winter heating bills, as the cost of fuel oil has gone up since the pandemic brought low prices last year.

“Propane has been nothing more different than that, so it’s been going—skyrocketing up,” said CFO Joe Stariha. “Prices are at all-time highs for the last probably five-six years, and we continue to see that, and the people continue to tell us that the price is only gonna go higher here in the winter time.”

The cost of fuel oil to heat residential homes has increased by about 30 percent compared to last October’s prices. Because of this, experts are saying right now is an excellent time to plan for your heating expenses.

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