Legacy of F and D Meats Continues Under New Ownership

The Previous Owners Left the Business in December of 2020

VIRGINIA, Minn. – After nearly 50 years in business, it can be difficult and nerve-wracking for new ownership to take over a strongly rooted establishment.

“I just wanted to keep my shoulder behind the wheel and my toes out of the way,” said Joseph Walls, co-owner of F and D Meats in Virginia.

Whether you’re a local, or just passing through, F and D Meats is a staple on the Iron Range.

“People have really good experiences here, they’ve got a lot of history here,” said Walls.

Named after original owners Fred and Damion, the business has been through a few changes in ownership. The new boss being co-owner Joseph Walls.

“I checked it out, told my wife about it, we started buying our meat here,” said Walls.

What started as a simple shopping trip over a year ago, has now changed into ownership after a post on social media announced a new owner was needed, or closure was imminent.

“I asked my wife what she would think if we bought it, and she kind of chuckled,” said Walls.

Laughter, turning into a learning opportunity in today’s world. The Walls, in partnership with two other co-owners, now working to keep the same great quality and lifelong customers.

“People, especially in communities like this, are very loyal,” said Walls.

He’s reporting an incredible first year in business.

“The key to our success here has been our staff,” said Walls.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, F and D Meats also partners with other local businesses from Greater Minnesota. Products such as maple syrup from Lutsen and coffee from Ely.

“It’s really been fun to be able to support other local communities while we’re begin supported here,” said Walls.

With a long list of fresh, original items on the menu, Walls takes pride in knowing the key items offered by F and D Meats in past years will continue to be available moving forward.

“We smoke our own salmon and our own whitefish,” said Walls. “These are items that people travel honestly great distances for.”

The shop is open Monday through Saturday starting at 9 a.m.

They also make eight different flavors of bacon and sell roughly 14 tons of it every year. Newly added to the menu is chorizo sausage.

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