Outdoor Retailers Struggling to Keep Up as Ammo Shortage Continues

Firearm Deer Season Begins Nov. 6 in Minnesota, Nov. 20 in Wisconsin

DULUTH, Minn. – Whether it’s a family tradition or new memories in the making, hunting season provides activity for many Northland residents as autumn unfolds.

This year, you may want to think ahead before bagging the big buck.

“It’s a lot of good memories and it’s something — you’re outside enjoying the resources we have,” said Matt King, owner of Fisherman’s Corner.

As the natural resources remain, the supplies used for hunting are getting more difficult to come by this fall.

“Every day we’re working at getting ammo in here so people can get out and enjoy themselves,” said King.

The ongoing supply chain issue, now impacting outdoorsmen and women.

“With the season coming in the next three weeks, that makes people a little nervous if they only have a few bullets left from last year,” said King.

At Fisherman’s Corner along Miller Trunk Highway in Duluth, it’s been difficult to keep common items on store shelves.

“You turn around the next minute and you’re looking for something else because the other item isn’t in stock so you try to improvise and get something people will like and use,” said King.

If you’re eyeing up clothing, firearms, calls, and decoys, chances are you’re in good standing.

“We put in a lot of big orders, we got about three-quarters of what we ordered,” said King.

However, the issue sparks when it comes to the supply of available ammo.

“12 gauge, birdshot, waterfowl loads, and birdshot pheasant loads,” said King.

Right now, ammo for various types of rifles is limited to one box per customer per day.

“We’re trying to get as much as we can and put limits on it,” said King.

King wishes it wasn’t this way, but is looking to spread the wealth during a worsening crisis.

“Getting them set up with the right product, makes you feel good,” said King.

With hunting for grouse, waterfowl, archery, and soon firearm deer season, King is counting on having all the items he can possibly get to keep customers coming back, and memories being made.

“We’re working to try and get them the best experience they can have in the outdoors,” said King.

Fisherman’s Corner is fully stocked with winter gear – if you’re looking to get a head start on shopping.

They’re also looking forward to the annual Big Buck contest next month – with over 47-hundred dollars in prizes up for grabs.

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