Duluth Firefighters Train in Old Seaway Hotel

DULUTH, Minn.- For several months, the Duluth Fire Department used the old Seaway Hotel building in Lincoln Park to conduct hands-on training.

Multiple fire grounds survival training sessions were held in the old Esmund building this past summer, but today’s fire training included a realistic and hazardous situation involving special effects.

“The idea of this training is teaching every individual in the department how to save themselves in some of the more difficult situations that firefighters might encounter on a fire ground,” said DFD Fire Equipment Operator Marcie Thole.

The old hotel was filled with artificial smoke and blaring alarms. Firefighters were given a stressful scenario where they needed to access a fire on the second and third stories of the building.

They then searched every room for anyone who may be stuck and learned how to properly extend a hose line up through a second-story window.

“We do all of this training in low to no visibility so that we are very comfortable moving in our gear and communicating with each other without the site because we never know when we’re gonna not have that,” said Thole. “Everybody keeps all of their equipment on and is able to radio a mayday situation.”

The Duluth Fire Department will continue conducting different hands-on training sessions in the old hotel building, allowing firefighters to experience the various incidents they may face.

This training is for firefighters of all experience levels, as it gives them a more realistic scenario.

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