Starbase Receives $25,000 Grant From New Partner

DULUTH, Minn. — Starbase Minnesota-Duluth is excited to receive a $25,000 grant Wednesday from Enbridge Fueling Futures.

Starbase is a non profit education organization that specializes in teaching area 5th graders in various branches of science, technology, engineering and math in a hands-on way.

Starbase opened up their new state of the art building in September of 2020, and this grant will allow them to continue serving immersive education to more than 2,300 students annually.

“I think students definitely learn better by being hands on, I think students learn better by doing and experiencing those things for themselves, experiencing challenges and experiencing failure, persevering through those challenges, and then again seeing what are those real world applications,” Charity Johnson, Director, Starbase Minnesota-Duluth, said.

Since its start in 2017 Starbase has served over 45 hundred students and they hope their facility along with this grant will continue to provide students with opportunities to learn stem with cutting-edge technology.

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