It’s Time to Prep Your Gardens for Winter

DULUTH, Minn.- As we move into the colder months, freezing temperatures are here, and local garden experts have advice on how to prep your plants.

A Resident Urban Farmer at the Duluth Community garden recommends preserving your harvest by drying your plants and removing any that may attract pests.

Experts say prepping your garden with mulch and compost will help your harvest in the spring.

“The garden sleeps pretty hard in Duluth,” said resident urban farmer Haley Diem. “There’s not much growing going on at all in the winter, so the work is really front-loaded in the fall to get it ready to be safely put to bed for the rest of the season.”

The Duluth Community Garden near Denfeld High School offers gardening lots to people who need a space to harvest plants. They also have a giving garden out front, open to the community.

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