CASDA Holds Bowl-A-Thon To Raise Awareness About Domestic Violence

SUPERIOR, Wis. — CASDA  held ‘No Time To Spare’ bowl-a-thon at Village Lanes in Superior to raise awareness about domestic violence, and to support the services that help adult and children survivors of it.

October is domestic violence awareness month, and the center against sexual and domestic abuse holds multiple events during it to bring attention to the issue of assault, and to promote the services they offer that help out.

“I think that it’s not a personal issue, it’s a community issue, and obviously October is the big month that we promote that but all the way around, the national hashtag this year is everyone knows someone which is very true, we all know someone who’s struggling so we all have to kind of team together really to make that awareness really out there ,” Lisa Jordan, Domestic Abuse Program Coordinator for CASDA, said.

Denise Selden, an Outreach Advocate for CASDA, is a survivor herself, and she says the resources that are available now are so important to connect with, if needed.

“When I was a victim of domestic violence there was none of this out there, and I think we all need support because we don’t know what direction we’re going sometimes, as a survivor and just to know that somebody’s there to listen to you and provide recourses for us to try to our best step forward,” Selden said.

The bowl-a-thon had a great turnout Sunday, bringing in different teams who are helping donate to the cause but everyone agrees, there are still more ways to spread awareness.

“There’s always the possibility of more work to be done, more community engagements, fundraisers. In 2020 we had 508 calls for domestic violence in Douglas County, we had over 2000 calls for crisis line calls so there’s definitely a need here,” Selden said.

With so many calls for help, CASDA is filled with people who are prepared and able to respond to any situation.

“I know that I can help people, and help support them, and I do believe it’s crucial if you’ve been through it, you definitely know to some degree what someone’s going through and it’s a lot easier to be understanding of that,” Jordan said.

CASDA’s center is located on 21st Ave East in Superior, and ask those who need it to seek them out. They also are always looking for volunteers to help in their services.

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