Chester Bowl Gearing Up for Winter Season

They are also starting to fit people for their winter equipment.

DULUTH, Minn. — As the warm weather winds down ski hills in the area are making the transition to their winter season.

“The winter transition really happens at the end of spring we start doing our annual chairlift maintenance we start planning for the upcoming winter,” Chester Bowl Programs & Operations Manager, Sam Luoma says.

Right now, Chester Bowl and the city of Duluth are finishing work on their upper lift house.

“It had seen some wear and tear over the years,” Luoma says.

They are also starting to fit people for their winter equipment.

“We are going to be fitting snowboarding and then moving into ski fittings and we’ll be doing that all of November,” Luoma says.

Chester bowl had many of the same challenges other businesses faced last year with the addition of an electrical malfunction on their lift.

“We were able to work with Parsons Electric and the city of Duluth and we narrowed down some issues and we are in great shape for the upcoming season,” Luoma says.

Rest assured, this season could be one for the books as Chester employees saw more people get out onto the slopes last year.

It’s a trend they think will continue.

“Because there were so few opportunities to do things in general because of covid. We’re really optimistic. Our early registration is showing us that there’s going to be a lot of people skiing and snowboarding at Chester,” Luoma says.


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