Scarium at the Aquarium Back with Fishes and Frights at Great Lakes Aquarium

Just like last year, masks are required at the three-day event, already sold out at 750 tickets.

DULUTH, Minn.- For the next few days the fish at the Great Lakes Aquarium have something new to look at, as folks are coming by in their Halloween costumes for Scarium at the Aquarium.

“It’s enrichment for the animals too to see folks in costumes, something a little out of the ordinary,” said Alexis Berke, Director of Learning and Engagement at the Aquarium.

Out of the ordinary is right. For Halloween, the otters and sturgeon are sharing the aquarium with little superheroes, wizards, and more.

“Right when we started tonight there was a kid dressed up as a squid and the otters were pretty interested and checking it out,” Berke said.

Some costumes were too appetizing for animals to ignore. “I think the trout were trying to feed us, feed on the taco,” said Jeff Phillipich, dressed up as a taco. And his wife Nicole and son James understood, “the trout liked the taco, saw all the meat and the lettuce.”

And those costumes get to be out in their full glory since families don’t have to worry about trick-or-treating in the cold.

“In terms of Duluth it’s probably the only time you’ll see them without a jacket over their costumes,” said Jessica Worden, also attending for the first time. “So it’s pretty great.”

Just like last year, masks are required at the three-day event. According to Berke, it’s already sold out at about 750 tickets.

“We got really good feedback from families, having the event spread out over three days and having ticketed entry,” she said. “Just a little less chaotic and a better experience for everybody.”

For the Phillipich family, the event is a great introduction to Northland fall activities.”We’re actually new to Duluth and so it’s our first time checking it out,” Nicole said. “It’s really fun. It’s great for the different activities for the kids.”

The animals are also getting in on spooky season with pumpkins throughout their exhibits. But kids like Worden’s two daughters, dressed as lions, just enjoy getting up close and personal with aquatic life.

“They really like anything they can stick their hands in the water and touch the animals,” she said. “My one-year-old loves anything that moves, so she’s enthralled with all the animals.”

While tickets for this year are all sold out, the Aquarium still encourages folks to stop by in their Halloween costumes and see if they can spot any of the many hidden pumpkins.

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