Superior Meats Prepares for Thanksgiving Shoppers

DULUTH, Minn.- The Thanksgiving season is approaching quickly, and local grocers prepare for holiday food shoppers.

Superior Meats should be receiving their holiday season turkeys and hams any week now, encouraging people to come in early for their thanksgiving needs.

There may not be a meat shortage, but the country is currently facing a supply chain disruption that may delay distribution in the Twin Ports.

“Getting stuff ready beforehand to make sure it’s ready to go when people come in asking for their turkeys, hams, and all of that,” said meat cutter Beau Reder. “We’re waiting on our distributors to give us a more exact number on how many we’ll be getting in.”

Similar to several other foods, the price of poultry, beef, and more is increasing from last year’s numbers.

Nationwide, the turkey price per pound has gone up by about 68 percent in the past two years, but Superior Meats doesn’t see their prices increasing significantly any time soon.

“You know, especially these years, it’s unpredictable what’s going to happen, so kind of have a backup plan just in case,” said Reder. “You never know what’s going to run out or what’s going to go quicker than others.”

Among turkeys and hams, the popular meat supplier will have their famous turducken available to Thanksgiving shoppers, where they layer together chicken, duck, and turkey.

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