Twin Ports Breweries Experience Aluminum Delays

DULUTH, Minn. — Some breweries in the area are being affected by the shipping delays we’re seeing across the country.

Hoops Brewing in Duluth had to close a few times last year during the pandemic, but it wasn’t hit hard by any of the shortages in the supply chain.

Owner Dave Hoops says as business bounces back, the delay in aluminum shipping means he has to stay on top of ordering it early for beer-can production for the products he sells in stores and in his brewery.

He says sanitizing products are also hard to keep in stock at times.

“Where we’ve had to go about twice as early as we did pre-pandemic. We’ve had a few different cleaning and chemical shortages that haven’t made it back up. Mainly it’s just about shipping time,” Hoops said.

Hoops and his crew are optimistic shipping times will go back to normal by next summer.


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