Local Dealership Says There’s A Growing Demand for Electric Vehicles

DULUTH, Minn.- More people are going electric in the Northland. Local car dealerships are noticing an uptick in customers looking for electric vehicles, especially with more auto suppliers coming out with electric models, increasing gas prices, and the environmental benefits.

“Been over the last couple of years, but there’s been more and more interest in the electric car since companies like Tesla came out, and now General Motors is really involved,” said Kolar Chevrolet Sales Professional Terry Conner. “We are one of the only EV dealers in the area, especially for General Motors.”

Aside from cutting gas bills, electric vehicles don’t require the annual maintenance of changing filters and oil. And more EV charging stations are being installed across the Northland, making the option of going electric more convenient.

“But now all of your quick trips are going to be putting in stations, there’s some down at the holiday mall, some at the depot,” said Conner. “If you go back-and-forth of the cities, there’s some down in Hinckley. they’re putting them up on the North Shore for people from out of the area that is visiting up there and come up with their electric cars.”

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular for commuter drivers, and if the cost of oil continues to rise, we may start to see more electric cars on the road.


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