Zup’s Opens In New Location

Store owners say they have added 30 employees giving them 90 total. 

ELY, Minn. — Folks in one part of the Northland have a brand new option for buying groceries.

After closing their old location in mid-October, Zup’s has now officially opened a new store in Ely formerly occupied by Shopko.

“They needed to expand, and they did. It’s a wonderful location,” Ely Resident James Stone says.

While it’s still on the main drag in Ely, Zup’s officially opened in a new location on Wednesday a few blocks down from the previous building which they occupied for almost 40 years.

“We were so overwhelmed with all the people coming in here today. We had people here at quarter to seven waiting to get in and actually some of them just pushed the doors open and just came in,” Zup’s Marketplace Co-Owner, Jim Zupancich says.

Zup’s needed a lot more room as the store has brought in more than five-thousand new products for customers.

“We just kind of grew out of it. With all the new items and all the frozen foods and dairy that are out there,” Zupancich says.

The company itself has been around for over one hundred years and this is the third time the Ely location has moved.

The goal each time has been to better accommodate the growing community along with adding more items for people to choose from.

“We couldn’t have done it without the community. Everybody was excited to do this. We asked people what we should do or how we should do this and we took their input on just about everything and we decided we don’t carry enough product and we would like to expand the store,” Zupancich says.

While still keeping old family traditions alive.

“We’re known for our great sausages and sauerkraut and items that we make handmaid. And my grandfather made them and my great grandfather has made,” Zupancich says.

That’s something customers who shop local can appreciate.

“We maintain the smoked means and all the other famous things Zup’s is known for,” Stone says.

“I know other small towns that are lucky if they have a dollar general. With Ely being a tourist draw it probably helps Zup’s keep their grocery going. I’m glad because it makes like a higher quality for all of us,” Ely Resident, Susan Stone says.

The Zup’s liquor store is attached to the new location is expected to be finished in a few weeks.

Store owners say they have added 30 employees giving them 90 total.

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