Trunk or Treat Brings Candy, Smiles to Hundreds in Canal Park

The trunks were open and the candy flew out as 43 vendors and hundreds of families got dressed up for the party in Canal Park.

DULUTH, Minn.- Hundreds of families got a head start on Halloween candy-collecting, filling up a Canal Park parking lot for Neighborhood Youth Service’s 2nd annual Trunk or Treat event Sunday.

The trunks were open and the candy flew out as 43 vendors and hundreds of families got dressed up for the party in Canal Park.

“We can all come together with a common goal and just help people out,” said Pez Davila, Program Director for Neighborhood Youth Services. “’Cause were already serving them in one way, shape, or form already so why not do it together?”

From community services to local businesses, each station either donated their own candy to hand out or money to buy some.

“We bagged up, personally just NYS, over 5,000 bags,” Davila said. “So that’s like 3 pcs of candy each. So it’s a lot, a lotta candy out there.”

And it was snatched up by hundreds of little superhero hands, claws, and other more unique characters, like a big red player from the Among Us videogame.

Meanwhile Pez Davila was “Mrs. Claus, yup! Came as Mrs. Claus today.”

“I am Vision from Marvel,” said Joel Chaplin, “this is Wanda, this is Captain America, and then Mal from the Descendants.”

Being able to trick or treat in a central enclosed public area is a plus for many families.

“We came out here last year and we just had a blast, just being together as a family, seeing all the other people here it’s a lot of fun,” Chaplin said, returning with his family.

“It keeps everything safe, and down here down in the middle of Duluth, downtown area, it’s a nice area,” he said.

And organizers say it makes easing back into a closer-to-normal Halloween smoother after the pandemic put a damper on last year’s

“Especially with COVID still lingering around, they know that what’s going on here is safe, they can be outdoors,” said Davila. “Sometimes going door-to-door can be a little nervous for people so just to get out in the open and get amongst people too is really cool.”

A little chill and clouds didn’t stop the costumed crowds at first. “Hopefully the weather will stay a little nice,” Chaplin said.

…It didn’t.

Rain, strong winds, and even sleet and graupel made things more exciting later in the day. But even Mother Nature couldn’t stop the monster mash.

“To see the kids smiling and enjoying each other and messing around,” said Davila, “it’s super fun to see all of that.”

Any money raised will go towards Neighborhood Youth Service’s future events.

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