Deer Processors Ready For Upcoming Hunting Season

The meat processing fee is $110. 

POPLAR, Wis. — Meat processing plants around the Northland are gearing up for the upcoming Minnesota and Wisconsin firearm hunting seasons.

“We start with the bear season so that’s pretty fast and furious. Then it cuts back a little for the bow season. We take both from Minnesota and Wisconsin,” Hursh Meat Processing Owner, Robert Hursh says.

With bow season underway in Wisconsin, Hursh Meat Processing in Poplar has already seen nearly 100 deer brought in.

With firearm hunting season starting November 6th in Minnesota and November 20th in Wisconsin, employees are expecting another big year.

“Our season goes crazy on the 20th,” Hursh says.

They take in deer from both states with Minnesota accounting for a quarter of their business.

“I’ll take a couple hundred in. It all depends on the temperature. If it stays warm they come in right away if it stays cold they can all hunt through camp time and then it gets pretty busy here because they all drop off on the last weekend,” Hursh said.

Customers can expect their venison to be vacuum sealed with a list of options to choose from when selecting what type of meat they want.

“If they want a burger, if they want beef or pork added to the burger. Then what we do is we cut all the deer up,” Hursh said.

The meat processing fee is $110.


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