Upper Lakes Foods Fall Food Show Comes Back

DULUTH, Minn.- Local and national food vendors gathered at the DECC in Duluth this morning for the Upper Lakes Foods Fall Food Show.

The event is back after taking a break for two years due to the pandemic, and hundreds of people attended to learn about the food industry, share tips, and network, all while sampling food.

General Mills, Kemps, and Great Lakes Bakery are among the 150 vendors displaying their products.

“This is one of the first food shows that we’ve been able to have in the state of Minnesota since the pandemic,” said attendee John Van House. “Personally, I wanna get back out, see things, get inspired, see what products are new to the market that I’m not aware of because a lot of us have been behind closed doors just working on what we have and what we know.”

The food show’s primary goal is to help current and new members of the hospitality industry learn new ways to grow their business. Several sectors, including food, face a supply chain issue, so the event is a great way to find solutions and new vendors.

“So right now, the restaurant tours are struggling with the supply chain as we hear on the news every day, and so we’ve got experts are in the industry they can actually help them with solving those issues,” said Upper Lakes Foods Sales Director Greg Whitney. “So if they can’t get this product, there’s another vendor that probably can or another item from that same vendor, so you get all the answers in this room to help them with their business.”

Upper Lakes Foods will be back in the spring with another food show to bring tasty and fresh ideas to the Northland.

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