St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office Swears in New Officers

DULUTH, Minn.- The St. Louis County Sheriff’s office hosted a ceremony Wednesday, swearing in Deputy and Corrections officers, along with recognizing additional staff.

The Sheriff’s office hasn’t been able to do a swearing ceremony since July of 2019, so they recognized current and new officers from 2020 and 2021.

Nineteen deputy officers and nine corrections officers took an oath during the ceremony, followed by receiving a pin.

“Additionally, it’s an opportunity for me and the other staff to recognize some really outstanding performances by a bunch of people during the last basically two years,” said St. Louis County Sheriff Ross Litman. “We haven’t had an event like this since the pandemic broke out. We haven’t been able to get together to do this type of event since July 2019.”

These officers represent the St. Louis County Sheriff’s office, serving Duluth, Virginia, Hibbing, Ely, and Mountain Iron.

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