Ashland Police Department Nearly Moved Into Renovated Police Headquarters

"It's very crowded. There's not a lot of room," Morland says.

ASHLAND, Wisc. — After nearly 50 years of conducting their operations in the basement of city hall, the Ashland police department finally has a new station.

“This used to flood. So we would be conducting interviews with suspects or sexual assault victims and we would be sitting in water,” Ashland Police Department Lieutenant, Scott Morland says.

For nearly five decades the Ashland Police Department operated out of these conditions in the basement of city hall.

“It’s very crowded. There’s not a lot of room,” Morland says.

With administrative staff moving to the third floor while patrol officers continued to work on the bottom floor it created a gap in communication.

“Or sometimes no communication at all. I think that when we move into this new building we are going to try to leave all of that by having us all together,” Morland says.

Financed through grants with the public service office and loans, the $4.5 million facility first broke ground in May of last year and was completed the following year in early September.

“For some of the old guys, this is all we know. But for some of the new guys, it’s exciting. It’s exciting for all of us,” Morland says.

With new men’s and women’s locker rooms, a new break room, conference, training and interview rooms the space gives the department a building that benefits everyone on the force.

“When you walk in here for the first time when it’s finished like this it’s unbelievable,” Morland says.

The department still has some equipment and furniture to move into the new headquarters and hope to be working out of the new building within the next month.

“It is rewarding to have a place that we can call our own. I think it’s great for the community because it shows pride in what we do,” Morland says.

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