Local Fire Departments Talk National Crash Responder Safety Week

TWIN PORTS – Today kicks off National Crash Responder Safety week, and local fire departments are spreading awareness as there is a growing number of fatalities involving roadside first responders.

A first responder is killed almost every week while trying to clear a roadway crash incident in the United States. 51 traffic and crash responders have been killed by ongoing traffic so far this year.

“When we’re on an incidence on the roadway, it’s—it can be pretty terrifying when you are on the highway and cars flying by you going 70 miles an hour,” said Duluth Fire Equipment Operator Samuel Cooley. “So it really helps us when we have the public move over and slow down.”

The Duluth and Superior fire departments encourage people to slow down and move over when passing a roadside crash incident.

Distracted driving and speeding are a couple of the leading causes of these types of first responder fatalities.

“Our jobs are dangerous jobs,” said Superior Fire Chief Scott Gordon. “People primarily think of our job being dangerous when we’re going to fires, but statistics show that just as many people, if not more, get hurt, killed, injured actually responding to that. we don’t take that lightly, and we don’t take that whole event of responding to 911’s lightly.”

National Crash Responder Safety Week also highlights Traffic Incident Management training for first responders on safely responding to a roadside crash.

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