Superior School District on New FDA Vaccine Approval

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Although the FDA recently approved Pfizer vaccines for children ages 5 to 11, no COVID-19 protocols are changing just yet for the Superior School District.

The school district will not require eligible students at the elementary level to get vaccinated until mandated by the state of Wisconsin. However, they will continue to practice safe social distancing protocols, including a mask mandate.

“So we have continued to reinforce to our families that it’s important to have your children vaccinated,” said Superintendent Amy Starzecki. “We’ve offered clinics at our middle school and high schools for students who have been eligible for the last six months, and we’ve had some families take us up on those vaccines available for their children.”

Since the beginning of the school year, the district has not seen any significant spikes in positive Covid cases within its schools. The school district will continue offering vaccine clinics in schools for eligible students.

“This was a change we were waiting for, and we really—hopefully see a change in the case rates across our country and our region start to go down,” said Starzecki. “So I’m excited—I’m hoping, I mean, we’ve already been trying to shift back to normal, but I know we still are doing some things differently than we did two years ago.”

Superior school officials say they feel more confident about reducing the spread of COVID-19 within schools now, as the vaccine was recently approved for some of the district’s younger students.

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