Texas Roadhouse Honor Veterans with a Meal

DULUTH, Minn.- Due to the pandemic and supply chain issues, Texas Roadhouse off of Central Entrance is currently closed at lunchtime. Still, in honor of Veterans Day, the restaurant passed out vouchers offering a free meal to Veterans.

This is the chain restaurant’s second year celebrating veterans with a free meal. The vouchers are valid for one of the many meals listed on the certificate for the next six months. 

For the restaurant’s service manager, recognizing those who have served this country holds a special place in his heart as he is a veteran himself.

“And this is our day and opportunity to honor them, and it means a lot to me as a veteran because I love working for a company that takes care of its veterans and honors them,” said service manager Jason Standfield.

Aside from the federal holiday, Texas Roadhouse continues to honor veterans each day, giving them 10 percent off their restaurant bill.

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