‘Fill The Tent’ Event Aimed at Helping Homeless Community

The 'Fill the Tent' event will take place at Memorial Park on grand avenue.

DULUTH, Minn. — The organization Guardian Angels of West Duluth is hosting an event on Saturday in the neighborhood to help the homeless community.

The ‘Fill the Tent’ event will take place at Memorial Park on grand avenue.

After noticing an increase in the homeless population and individuals impacted by fires in homeless encampments.

The organization is looking to pitch a tent and fill it up with tents, sleeping bags, blankets and lightly used or new clothing in all sizes.

It’s everything someone would need for living outdoors to support those less fortunate going into the colder months.

“To feel like they don’t need to feel alone. Because I know we’ve all been there. Not necessarily in those circumstances but we’ve all had our lows. So being able to be there and provide for one another and allow them to have a step up in life and maybe they can change their lives around and we can help them to push forward,” Guardian Angels Administrator, Logan Reardon says.

The event takes place on Saturday from one to five.

Anyone who can’t make it can still donate supplies at Jimmy’s Nuts and Bolts in West Duluth.

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