Red Cross Holds Blood Drive to Honor Veterans Day

DULUTH, Minn. — A special Veterans Day blood drive was held at Amsoil Arena, drawing in a lot of people who are looking to give back on such an important day.

In a normal year, The Red Cross tends to see a spike in blood donations during the fall, this year they haven’t, especially since the pandemic. But a blood drive honoring Veterans Day and those who served in the military is bringing in more people than normal, and staff is excited about the turnout.

This is the second year the Red Cross of Northern Minnesota has hosted this Veterans Day blood drive, and the turnout has surpassed expectations.

“It’s just been a great way to get that message out there, and people respond to it because they know that they’re doing this on a particularly important day,” Corey Boe, Donor Recruitment Account Manager said.

And for Boe, who comes from a line of family members who served in the navy, this day causes him to reflect, and to reach out to others who might have stories too.

“I’m obviously particularly touched when I can sit down with my dad and my family and hear their stories and hear what their experience was when they were deployed and enlisted, so for me I have that familial connection with it, and its amazing talking with people who have come in throughout the day almost everyone has that connection,” he said.

The Red Cross expects to receive around 100 units of blood when the two-day event is over, which is enough to help up to 300 people in need.

Boe emphasized, “it’s important to give blood every day you can, every day of the year matters, but it is amazing, the turnout you see on something that commemorates something greater”.

On Friday, the Red Cross will be back at Amsoil for day two, and are accepting walk-ins.

They also ask donors to sign holiday cards to send to veterans on their way out as well.

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