Saint Luke’s Spreading Holiday Cheer, Giving Back In A Different Way

DULUTH, Minn. — St. Luke’s Neurosurgery Associates have introduced a new holiday event that is spreading holiday cheer and is giving back to the community in a creative way.

The associates have decorated 5 trees to donate to 5 different local and single parent families in need. Staff is also helping donate items and gifts these families have requested such as cleaning supplies, food and bedsheets for the household.

These families are being chosen as most of the parents are students, who are trying to go back to school, and are interested in the medical field.

“I think it makes us feel good, I mean this is kind of really what we think St. Luke’s is about, it’s about providing a service not just for our patients but their families, their friends, and at the end of the day it makes us feel like we’re giving a little bit back,” Robert Bejnarowicz, Neurological Surgeon at the hospital said.

The neurosurgery team will be accepting donations from other staff to help buy more gifts through December 9th, and they will present the trees soon after.

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