Great Lakes Aquarium Seeing Record-Setting Attendance

DULUTH, Minn. — After a year of closures and low attendance during the pandemic, the Great Lakes Aquarium is on track for its biggest year ever.

The aquarium’s attendance is expected to reach more than 185,000 visitors by the end of the year. That’s 10,000 more visitors than the previous record in 2018.

The aquarium’s executive director tells us more locals simply want to get out of their homes after being pent up during the pandemic and more people are willing to travel for entertainment.

“For us, I think also we had so many people that said they were so happy to come to a facility where we had done a lot of work to make sure guests were safe. We had one-way flow and we really promoted social distancing within the aquarium,” Great Lakes Aquarium Executive Director, Jay Walker says.

This Saturday the aquarium is re-opening its popular water table that showcases the Great Lakes after getting a major facelift.

It is also opening a new interactive exhibit that shows how water moves through our community.

“That helps tie in all of our stories because we really want to show the world is connected and how we are connected globally via the great lakes,” Walker says.

The exhibits were funded through Legacy grants and a grant from the Coastal Program.


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