Ski Hut Prepping for Winter Season

"Typically the end of October, the beginning of November is when we start to pick up," Neustel says. 

DULUTH, Minn. — “Cross country skis, snowshoes, alpine skis and snowboards as well as all the equipment you would need to go along with those activities,” Ski Hut Owner, Dave Neustel says.

“Typically the end of October, the beginning of November is when we start to pick up,” Neustel says.

The owner of the Ski Hut in Duluth tells us that biking, skiing, and snowboarding are all getting more popular in the area.

“With that has come issues trying to get actual products so that’s something we have been navigating for a while now.”

The shop has already sold out of all of its fat tire bikes on the sales floor, while cross-country skis are hard to keep stocked this year.

“This time of year people are thinking snow. They are feeling the colder weather. So thinking about more winter activities and how they are going to spend their winter. So we start gearing up for that. We are ready to go to help out every customer that comes in from somebody who has never skied before to someone who has skied for 40 years and is an expert.”

Some products are on backorder as they’re selling out faster, while others are being substituted with different brands to fill the need.

“Our manufacturers have told us that we will not be able to get any reorders during the year. So our inventory we have right now is what we are going to have. As that depletes, we aren’t going to be able to fill that area.”

The Ski Hut also does full service on snowboards, skis and bikes.

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