Exhibit at UWS Meant to Teach and Shed Light On Refugees

SUPERIOR, Wis. — Students of international politics at UWS showed off an exhibit today focused around the lives of refugees.

It’s called the ‘Refugee for 50 Minutes Exhibit: from Afghanistan to Germany.” The students had a goal to teach people about the definition of refugees, their legal protections, and their experiences.

“The idea is that we can all do something, we can learn more about it, we can act in certain ways, we can contact our Congressmen, we can help people resettle, we can teach some of the newly resettled people with their daily lives in terms of like grocery shopping, so there’s hundreds of ways to do this,” Haji Dokhanchi, Professor of Political Science said.

This event has been held for 10 years and Professor Dokhanchi says this one had the biggest turnout of them all.

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