Great Lakes Aquarium Hosts Grand Opening of New Exhibit

DULUTH, Minn. — H2O Watersheds at work is the newest exhibit opening at the great lakes aquarium one year after its originally scheduled opening date.

The new hands-on interactive exhibit allows people to learn how water moves through our community and to navigate a boat through the great lakes.

Although the water pools have been around for some time, this re-imagining of the display makes it even more accessible to everyone.

“The impact to Duluth and our region of the great lakes aquarium is profound and comes in many forms. It showcases our greatest assets, the greatest of the great lakes. It educates residents, tourists and like I mentioned our most precious assists our children.  It serves as a community gathering place and a meeting place,” Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce President, Matt Baumgartner says.

This is the third display the aquarium has received state funding for through legacy funds and coastal grants.

The total cost for the exhibit is over $400,000.

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