Round Table Held to Talk Supply Chains and Labor Shortage

TWIN PORTS, Minn. — Friday morning Minnesota and Wisconsin congressmen Pete Stauber and Tom Tiffany sat down with local business owners to address the supply chain crisis and labor shortage, and they’re hoping to bring some of these ideas to Washington.

Multiple supply chain issues continue plaguing the nation, including in the Twin Ports, where its making business difficult. Now a push is on to find a solution

“The supply chain hit all the participants in a big way, they all explained the concerns they have, and this is going to be a bi-partisan effort,” U.S. Rep. Pete Stauber, (R) Minnesota 8th District, said.

The Duluth port is already proving to be a potential solution, especially since expanding capabilities to receive more foreign shipments.

“The Great Lakes Port can play a role in reducing the supply chain crisis by allowing these ships and containers to come here,” Congressman Satuber said.

“It is amazing how little realization there is in the state of Wisconsin, the midwest, and the country, how important of a transportation hub this place is right here in the twin ports of Minnesota and Wisconsin,” U.S. Rep. Tom Tiffany, (R) Wisconsin 7th District, added.

But to hear their concerns along with others offered a lot of perspective to their business leaders.

“It’s interesting to hear from other folks in the supply chain especially the truckers and the port,” Patrick Miner, Vice President, Miners Incorporated, said.

Miners Incorporated owns the grocery store chain Super One, and their stores have also struggled with the supply chain crisis. Just last week they were only able to receive 78% of their shipment, leading to product shortages which have become regular.

“We’ve made adjustments to ensure that were not going to focus on these products but if we can get others to be able to meet the consumers need, thats how were going to show ourselves so that we can deliver grand opening ready every day,” Miner said.

And he also feels that the chance to share experiences and ideas  was beneficial in bringing even more awareness to the issue.

“Us all speaking together and speaking with the congressmen and asking for their help in able to find solutions to that is really important,” Miner said.

The congressmen will take the ideas and develop a plan to bring to Washington D.C. in the coming months.

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