CHUM Hosts Pre-Thanksgiving Turkey Distribution

DULUTH, Minn. — On Monday, chum kicked off its thanksgiving holiday season giving away 150 meal boxes and turkeys at the Our Saviors Lutheran Church in West Duluth.

It’s a big event all about making sure families have a warm turkey dinner instead of nothing on the table.

Start looking at the planning process way back in June in an effort to get ahead of the shortages that are currently seen at local grocery stores.

Even though leaders of CHUM say they are happy to give to the community the supply is less than the demand

They say it’s hard for vulnerable individuals, and those less fortunate to get out early and wait in line since the food gets distributed so fast.

“We’re doing our part to make this happen. But we aren’t really solving the problem here. It’s great to give all of this away, but it’s heartbreaking to see this kind of need out here for food,” CHUM Director of Distributive Services, Scott Van Daele says.

CHUM will deliver the other half of their turkeys and boxes on Wednesday morning at the food shelf on 1st avenue west downtown starting at 10 a.m.

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