Duluth Firefighters: How Not To Fry Your Turkey This Thanksgiving

DULUTH, Minn. – Duluth firefighters put on a dramatic demonstration Monday to show how quickly frying a turkey can go very wrong if not handled properly.

The fiery show was an example of a frozen turkey being dropped into too much oil and at a temperature way too high.

The Duluth Fire Marshal’s Office says a turkey should be fully thawed and placed in the fryer before it’s turned on to measure how much oil will actually be needed by simply using water beforehand.

“Extremely important. The last thing we want to do is run any type of emergencies on a holiday weekend — or any day for that matter. But … the holidays are special and it’s even more important that we try to keep people safe,” said Christopher Orman, one of Duluth’s deputy fire marshals.

Orman says Thanksgiving is known for having the largest number of cooking fires in one day.

He says it’s best to be prepared, be patient and never leave your bird and other hot items unattended, especially around kids.

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