Emmanuel Evergreens Begins Christmas Tree Sales

DULUTH, Minn. — Emmanuel Evergreens tree lot along Grand Avenue in West Duluth has been in business for five years.

They decided to get their trees out a little earlier this year.

The lot has hundreds of balsam firs, fraser firs and white pines, Christmas wreaths and more.

With the lot open seven days a week, owners say this gives people on the west end of town an opportunity to get their Christmas tree without having to travel a great distance.

There is a bit of a tree shortage right now nationally, so the business says to try to get yours as early as you can, and expect that it might be a little more expensive this year.

“We received limited amount of fraser firs. They are the luxury fir trees. They retain their needles the best. Their needles go all the way around. They are two-tone. So we have small amounts of those. People that want a fraser fir, come early. I believe we only ended up getting 15 of the few hundred trees we have,” Emmanuel Evergreens Christmas Tree Lot Owner, Kimberly Powell says.

Owners of the lot say, it’s best to have a fresh cut and water the tree heavily within the first week while also keeping it away from heat sources to prevent it from drying out.

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