Duluth Fire Officials Remind Residents to Avoid Driving Over Fire Hoses

DULUTH, Minn. – While fighting a recent apartment complex fire in the East Hillside of Duluth, fire crews were dealt with an issue that continues to be a problem during operations throughout the city.

The Duluth Fire Department is reminding residents, especially drivers, to avoid driving across fire hoses when they’re in use to fight a fire inside buildings.

This can be a huge safety concern for the crews inside as the hoses can easily kink.

“I need people to know that as that hose line is going, there are firefighters inside a building fighting fire and if you kink their hose and stop their water supply, that’s a very dangerous situation for them and for all of us trying to fight a fire inside with no water,” said assistant fire chief Clint Reff with the Duluth Fire Department.

Oftentimes, police officers have to be called in to help simply watch and make sure drivers don’t cross over hoses. They’re also reminding the public to step back, giving firefighters plenty of room to do their jobs as quickly as possible.

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