Twin Ports Political Leaders, Activists Come Together For Native American Lives

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Native American Heritage Month is throughout November, and this weekend political leaders from the Twin Ports came together with proclamations and cultural awareness.Dscn2380

The event was held at the Richard I. Bong Veterans Center in Superior to raise awareness around Native American lives, and some of the serious struggles they are facing like missing and murdered Indigenous women — all while celebrating each other through dance and music.

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson, Duluth Council President Renee Van Nett, Superior Mayor Jim Paine and Superior Councilor Jenny Van Sickle were all there to show their support.

Organizers said they feel comfort in seeing the Twin Ports continue to grow in support of Native American lives and building better communities for all.

Press release information:

The Native American Heritage Month- Building Bridges & Honoring Resilient Communities event demonstrated the growing collaborations and continued support from the Twin Port Cities Duluth & Superior to Native American, Indigenous communities with proclamation for Native American Heritage Month, and support to the local Twin Ports awareness campaigns for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, 2 Spirit and Relatives
Event organized by: Rene Ann Goodrich, Sponsored by: Native Lives Matter Coalition, Superior Commission on Communities of Color, Native Justice Coalition. Co Hosts: Twin Ports No More MMIW- MMIWg2S Great Lakes, Duluth Indigenous Commission, Justice for Native People

Event Included: Opening Ceremony: Sid Perrault, Honor Songs: Troy Howes
Story Telling & Flute Performance: Michael Laughing Fox Charette
Speakers: Superior Mayor- Jim Paine, Superior City Council- Jenny Van Sickle, Duluth City Council President- Renee K Van Nett, Duluth Indigenous Commission Co Chair- Babette Sandman,
Family & Community Impact Committee Co Chair, WI DOJ MMIW Taskforce- Rene Ann Goodrich
Community Members and MMIWg2S Family Members Media Interviews
Building Collaborations of Support for MMIWg2S in the Twin Ports &  Red Ribbon, Red Dress, Red Shawls Honoring Resilient Communities & MMIWg2S: Native Lives Matter Coalition

Sponsors of the Superior Location MMIW Great Lakes Billboard during 9/20- 11/12/2021: Native Justice Coalition, Native Lives Matter Coalition, American Indian Community Housing Organization, Global Indigenous Council and during 11/13 – 12/13/2021 Native Justice Coalition, Native Lives Matter Coalition

For More Information in the Twin Ports Area: Native Lives Matter CoalitionTwin Ports No More MMIW- MMIWg2S Great Lakes Campaign

For more Information on the MMIW Great Lakes Billboard Campaign
MMIW Great Lakes Billboard CampaignNative Justice Coalition

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