Pure Hockey Takes Over Duluth Hockey Company

DULUTH, Minn. — On august 23rd, the Duluth Hockey Company on Maple Grove Road closed its doors, and opened as Pure Hockey the next day. And even though the name has changed, the services have not.

Pure Hockey will sell the same gear as before, also skate fittings and repairs as well as skate sharpening’s. But after wanting to expand in Northern Minnesota the company stopped in Duluth and decided it was the perfect place.

“They’ve been expanding in Minnesota for several years now, and we, I believe we are their 8th store, and they wanted to get up North, in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and North Dakota, and we were a perfect fit for them,” James Stauber, Assistant Store Manager said.

Bringing a well-known name to an area that is known for the sport has brought a positive response forward from consumers.

“This has been incredible, it’s been incredible for us, incredible for the consumer, and incredible for the hockey families, we offer just a lot more products and I tell people the economies of scale, the economies of efficiency have proven fruitful for us already,” Stauber said.

Even though supply chain issues have plagued many businesses throughout the nation, James Stauber believes they have set themselves up in a position where they shouldn’t experience too many shortages.

“They’ve been looking for this, they’ve been seeing this coming and so they’ve prepared very well for it and although yeah we will expect some things to be in short supply, I think a company like Pure Hockey will feel the effects much less than a small mom and pop shop like let’s say Duluth Hockey Company would’ve felt”.

The store is open every day of the week, excluding Christmas day.

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