Duluth Indoor Sports Complex Staying Busy During Winter Months

DULUTH, Minn. — The multi-sport facility on rice lake road hosts different sports from soccer, volleyball, tennis and pickleball.

“We kind of adapt to the time of year. Our primary thing is tennis. We do that generally from September through May. Late May-early June,” Duluth Sports Complex Assistant Manager, Nikoli Wiens says.

With being shut down most of 2020, complex employees also had to adapt to a lack of clients.

“It was just kind of maintaining the building. Since then we’ve just been following whatever state mandate there is,” Wiens says.

Now that they are back open people are using newly upgraded workout facilities just updated within the last few years.

There are five different rooms including cardio, cross-training and yoga designated rooms.

“Trying to cover a little bit of everything and have those in their own individual rooms so people can spread out,” Wiens says.

Staff say, it’s a great place for people of all ages.

“It’s really unique because it has that old school feel with a lot of new equipment. So it’s not super crowded compared to your popular chain gyms. So it’s a little quieter so people can work out a little more isolated. The different room setup allows that as well,” Wiens says.

Local college tennis teams also use the facility to practice during the colder months.

For a list of programs at the complex, click here.

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