Vaccine Clinic for 5-11 Year Old’s Coming To Proctor

PROCTOR, Minn. — Proctor public schools is partnering with St. Luke’s to offer additional opportunities for kids in the 5 to 11 age group to get vaccinated.

There will be three separate clinics open to anyone wanting to receive a vaccine at the St. Luke’s event center in Proctor to accommodate those receiving the first and second shot.

The staff of Proctor Schools is relieved to offer these clinics as transmission rates in schools have continued to increase causing a lot of concern especially with holiday breaks approaching.

“we’re seeing that there’s a lot of spread from students in that age group, a lot of times they’re not showing the symptoms so they’re asymptomatic and then they’re coming to school, they’re going to sports, and they’re spreading it that way and so we really urge students to get vaccinated,” Sarah Klyve, Student Success Coordinator, said.

The clinics will be held at the St. Luke’s Event Center in Proctor this Thursday from 4-6 pm and the next two clinics will be held the same time December 14th and 22nd.

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