St. Scholastica Raising Funds for New Student Center

DULUTH, Minn. — The College of Saint Scholastica could soon get its first-ever brand new student center on campus.

Administrators identified it as a need over a decade ago because there is currently no specific area designated for students to congregate.

Although the current layout has worked for staff and students, back in 20-14 they started a silent campaign to fund the center with no ost to students and just reached their 50 million dollar goal.

The hope is to allow for more engagement with a community sense in mind.

“This one kind of meets us in a holistic way with all of our students whether they are online, graduate, at extended sites, or here on the main campus. In terms of creating both a social and an academic center where both learning and social interaction can take place,” St. Scholastica Student Affairs Vice President, Steve Lyons says.

The two-story building would be attached to the current Mitchel auditorium along with added outdoor improvements around the new building.

Students will have more group space, and with over 50 clubs, students say they are excited to have the extra space.

“We have dedicated spaces for students that is not actually adequate for the student population and the clubs that will meet in there. So to have a student center is something I always mention to prospective students that will be happening soon. That way they know it will be in the plans and they have that space when they come to Scholastica,” St. Scholastica Board of Trustees Student Trustee, Rose Carpenter says.

The project is expected to break ground in 2023.

St. Scholastica is still hoping to raise another 14 to 17 million dollars for scholarships and new initiatives.

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