Northern Star: Mercury Bischoff

For this week's segment, we feature a freshman on the Grand Rapids/Greenway girls hockey team who is already ranked in the top 10 in the state in goals and points.

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. – The Bischoffs are your traditional Grand Rapids hockey family.

“We had an outdoor pond at our house, we all grew up playing boot hockey doing everything we could to get better on the outdoors,” Grand Rapids/Greenway defenseman Jazzy Bischoff said.

“The Bischoff name, the Bischoff lineage, a great hockey families with brothers and even sisters,” head coach Brad Hyduke added.

The translates to cousins Mercury and Jazzy Bischoff on the Grand Rapids/Greenway girls hockey team.

“She always knows where everyone is, she makes the greatest passes and she always makes your passes look good,” Jazzy said of Mercury.

“We have this little thing called B to B. It’s just passing to each other to make a point and it’s always fun. We just yell B to B or we’ll go out on the ice right away on a shift and be like ‘B to B coach’ and just trying to get a goal from each other,” Mercury added.

“To see them together and make that outlook pass like Jazzy comes around the net and fires one to Mercury, it’s something I’m glad I still have two full years left,” Hyduke said.

So it’s no surprise that Mercury Bischoff has been off to a hot start with the Lightning.

“It’s hard to believe she’s just a ninth grader. It’s the way she thinks the game. The word I use is deception. She’s extremely deceptive with both the puck and the change in speed and then her speed is breakaway. It’s the stuff you see at the NHL level,” Hyduke said.

As an eighth grader, Bischoff was second on the team in scoring, with her goals and points total ranking in the top 10 in the entire state.

“I was kind of surprised to be one of the top players for my points. A huge help was Claire and my teammates. It pushes me to be like oh I’m not up there, I want to get up there, it pushes me to be a little more,” Bischoff said.

She had a good person to look up to, as the Lightning’s leader was season was Claire Vekich, who is now playing at Bemidji State and is the defending WCHA Rookie of the Week.

“Claire was a super hard worker. She’s a fun player to play with, I really enjoyed playing with her,” Bischoff said.

“A lot of people ask that, what’s that going to mean for someone like Mercury, those two have built a great chemistry even being 4 years apart and it showed on the ice,” Hyduke added.

Taking what she learned from Vekich, Bischoff has picked up right where she left off. She has 16 goals and 22 points, numbers that rank in the top seven in Minnesota.

“This summer I worked a lot. I’ve tried working on new moves going around so I have different moves to do,” Bischoff said.

“Mercury’s a real game changer with her speed and instincts and the way she plays the game ahead of everyone else with her mind. Just as a ninth grader early on here, we’ve seen her put up some numbers and she’s done that against some of our best competition we’ve had,” Hyduke added.

While she’s already making her mark in the state as a freshman, Bischoff is ready to see where else she can take this team.

“It’s fun. It’s a lot of fun energy. We’re a young, good team that I think will do just fine,” Bischoff said.

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