Two Harbors Residents Dig Out After First Major Snowstorm of Season

Over 12 inches fell over Saturday night and through the day Sunday along the whole North Shore.

TWO HARBORS, Minn.- After the first major snowstorm of the season dumped more than a foot of snow total along the North Shore, Two Harbors residents spent much of Sunday digging out.

“Felt pretty good to get the snowblower out,” said Cameron Bugge, “just a regular day in Minnesota.”

Snowblowers, shovels, and plows were around every corner. “Had to get the sidewalk ‘cause the street guy came through and piled it all up at the end of my driveway, gotta get it outta there before it freezes, you know? And gets all hard,” Bugge said.

Some still needed their last-minute snow-clearing supplies, blown by the storm into local hardware stores throughout the weekend. 

“We got an empty shelf over there, empty wall,” Mike Lynn gestured toward the wall of shovels at Seagren’s Home Hardware Outdoors  — he’s the manager, their new location by Super One opening up just in August.

“We know they were coming in, and same with snowblowers they’ve been coming in buying them,” he said. “Actually started Friday, they knew snow was coming and they’re coming in.”

According to Lynn, the new inventory will come on Tuesday. But until then, they’re always willing to help. “Our goal is if we can’t find it, we will find it for you, there’s nothing we won’t go through to get it for you,” said Lynn. 

Meanwhile, with the holidays fast approaching, the storm didn’t keep customers from shopping local gifts at “Superior Finds” downtown.

“It’s been ok. Not as busy as a normal Sunday, but we’ve had quite a few people in,” Owner Sandy Knupp said. “They’re Minnesotans, they’re used to snow.” 

And this weekend’s measurable snow on the North Shore, she said, is a good sign for businesses this winter.

“If we get a lot of snow there’s a lot of snowmobilers up here people go cross country skiing, and a lot of people stop and do things on their way up to Lutsen or to the Gunflint so it stays pretty busy,” said Knupp.

But some don’t feel like traveling far for winter fun.

Christy and Christopher Rounds, new to Minnesota winters, walked more than a mile in the ankle-deep powder — to buy some sleds. 

“Really it’s not to get sleds, it’s to get out in the snow and enjoy the winter but it’s an excuse, you know? Going to get sleds is an excuse,” Christy said. 

“Last year at this time we were in Costa Rica so we’re enjoying the snow now. So it’s fun to be able to be in Northern Minnesota.” she said. 

While plenty dig their way out of their own houses some lent a helping hand — or shovel — to others. 

“My husband was out twice this morning already shoveling and he used to do four of the houses here now he just does two,” said Rachelle Sattler, “and yeah, the neighbors help out each other.”

Sattler and her husband have been shoveling for their neighbors for years. She said it’s that feeling of community that has kept her loving living in the small town.

“Thankful that people help out each other with the cars, as well as shoveling it’s a good thing to do,” said Sattler. 

“The ones that have been here, you know, you’re family. So that’s wonderful,” she said.

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