Duluth’s Best Bread Expanding to Second Location

DULUTH, Minn. – A Duluth bakery is expanding to a second location.

Duluth’s Best Bread has recently purchased the building that currently houses Blacklist Brewery at 120 East Superior Street.

Co-owner Michael Lillegard says expansion plans from their Lincoln Park location have been in the works for several years.  “This is a very small space, and we got very very busy over the pandemic to the point where we are really bursting at the seams, so a bigger location was necessary.  So I’ve been mentioning it when people see how crowded it is in here and how many people we have working in here at a time and how much space we don’t have.”

Plans are to make the first floor into a European-style café, while the basement will be remodeled into a production kitchen to make their breads, croissants, macarons, and pastries.

Regulars to the bakery’s current location won’t have to worry about them closing up shop there, but expect some minor changes.  “At first I envision the baking to be centralized,” says Lillegard.  “It’s only two miles from here…but I also think that it will grow to a point where we will need to also have an overnight bakery here.  We will be centralizing all the bread, but pastries we can do here and there.  So we will kind of divide the labor where we do certain processes here and certain processes there, and just kind of find the harmony that fits.”

When they will open their downtown location will be determined by the progress of an online fundraiser that will help pay for some of the upfront costs.  As of December 7, they have gotten over 120 backers.

Overall, Lillegard says they want to continue to be a part of the Duluth community and growing the local economy.  “We’re trying to make this a good job for all of our employees.  We’re kind of hand strung by our capacity.  If we’re able to make more with the same amount of labor just by having more space and more efficient ovens, refrigeration, stuff like that, then we’ll be able to raise wages again, which I would really like to do.”

Find out more about Duluth’s Best Bread’s expansion by clicking here.

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