Fresh Off First Major Snowfall, Outdoor Enthusiasts Hit the Trails

Staff at Maple Grove Lodging & Bait Store in Finland is Receiving a Plethora of Phone Calls Regarding Trail Conditions

FINLAND, Minn. – Just days after the first snow of the season, and outdoor winter enthusiasts are chomping at the bit to begin doing what they love.

“We’re excited, the ice is forming really well for ice fishing so that was great,” said Nicole Chumley, owner of Maple Grove Lodging & Bait Store.

From ice fishing to more intense activities such as snowmobiling, it’s easy to see Old Man Winter is making a return to Northern Minnesota.

“Clearly a lot of snowmobilers are anticipating and trying to get out there for fresh powder,” said Chumley.

At the business, the phones are ringing nonstop, keeping Chumley busy during plow patrol.

“People have been calling quite a bit saying, ‘How’s the snow? How’s the snow? How’s the snow,’” said Chumley. “We enjoy the outdoors and we enjoy helping people enjoy the outdoors too.”

Having owned the business for just over a year, she and her family are excited to help entertain visitors from all over the region as flakes begin to fly.

“We’ve got a little bit of everything for people that are looking to do outdoorsy things,” said Chumley.

From bait and tackle to a cozy bed to lay your head on after a long day in the great outdoors, the owners of Maple Grove consider themselves a one-stop shop.

“We all send business to each other. We all help each other out,” said Chumley.

Just a stone’s throw across Highway 1 you’ll find food, drinks, and warmth to help you rejuvenate.

“The locals work really hard to maintain the trails,” said Chumley.

Cory Trevurson booked it from Baudette with his buddies to hit the fresh 16 inches of powder in Finland.

“We’ve been plowing all weekend and we have some buddies out riding. They got more snow than us so we figured we’d drive ditches for a bit,” said Trevurson. “You can go ride the trails, check stuff out.”

With it being the first big storm of the season, many trails have yet to be packed and groomed. However, for these folks, there’s no time to waste when it comes to winter fun in the great north woods.

“It gets you out of the house instead of sitting inside all winter. Everyone complains that it gets dark early and there’s not a lot to do,” said Trevurson.

“It’s peaceful, it’s quiet, it gets busy with snowmobile riders, but it’s a peaceful and quiet community,” said Chumley.

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