Protecting Fido as the Bitter Cold Settles In

DULUTH, Minn. – Tis the season to protect your pets from the bitter cold.

At A Place for Fido located inside the Fitger’s Complex in Duluth, the staff is offering a fully stocked selection of booties and jackets for all breeds of dogs.

Owner Jamie Parent says it’s recommended customers bring in their animals to make sure they’re properly fitted with the right size of booties and coats, otherwise, they could fall off or irritate the animal instead of protecting.

“One of the most important things is wearing winter boots when we’re out on our walks. There are lots of chemicals, and salt can be irritating. Also, the ice and cold is painful for the dogs if they’re out for an extended period of time,” said Parent.

Some of the signs to watch for include dogs shivering, or when they start to lift their paws to avoid touching the ground.

If you’re looking to spoil your furry friends for the holidays, A Place for Fido even offers pet puzzles to keep your pup busy.

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