Find the Lark in a Park

Lark In A Park

DULUTH, Minn. – Duluth’s Parks and Recreation Department wants people to find the Lark in a Park.

Louis, a plush western meadowlark, will be visiting six parks across the city over the next month.

“Folks can follow along to our social media pages and find where the lark is flying off to next,” says Recreation Specialist Megan Lidd.  “With that they can go search for it, take a photo, and submit it to us on our Facebook pages, Instagram, or e-mail.”

Details on Louis’ first location can be found here.

Lidd says this is a way to get people to enjoy the outdoors during a time of year when they may not be as inclined to head out on their own.  “We love doing programs like this that give people an incentive to get outside, especially in this transition time of year where we don’t quite have enough snow for all of the winter activities, but we can still get out and enjoy our park spaces.”

People who share a photo of Louis with the department will have a chance to win a prize.

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