City of Duluth Recognizes International Human Rights Day

DULUTH, Minn. – Friday, Dec. 10 serves as International Human Rights Day, a time when people all over the world reflect and honor the date the U-N General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration on Human Rights back in 1948.

The Declaration guarantees the most basic rights of all individuals such as the right to nationality, life and liberty, freedom from torture and discrimination, freedom of movement, and protection against arbitrary arrest, detention, or exile.

To bring International Human Rights Day closer to home, the Human Rights Commission asked the City of Duluth Human Rights staff and Commissioners what human rights mean to them.

“I think we’re at a time where we can make a significant impact where we’re getting more people on board, but there’s a lot of hard work and there’s still a lot of difficult experiences that are going to be had by people with marginalized identities,” said Bettina Keppers, chair of the Duluth Human Rights Commission.

“At this time of year, I think it’s pivotal that while we’re out getting all these other gifts for our friends and families, we give the gift of humanity, and we look at what human rights really mean for all of us,” said Carl Crawford, Human Rights Officer for the City of Duluth.

The Commission encourages everyone, especially families with young children, to have open conversations about human rights, and how you can better respect and care for those around you on a daily basis.

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