Counterfeit Pills Posing New Threat in Northland

DULUTH, Minn. — So far in 2021, 30 people have died from overdoses in Duluth but according to the police department, 2 of those deaths are overdoses from counterfeit Percocet 30’s.

These counterfeit pills contain fentanyl, which is more powerful than actual Percocet pills. Officials say it is a deadly drug and hard to tell apart from real pills, but people are facing fatal repercussions from taking them.

Authorities explained how they are seeing more of this in the Northland, and urge people to only accept medication prescribed to them.

“They look exactly like something you would get from a doctor, and people are getting them off the black market or off the internet, but they’re not real pills, they are counterfeit and they’re laced with fentanyl and fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that’s 100x more potent than morphine, if you get enough of that in your system, you’re going to die,” Lieutenant Jeff Kazel, Commander Of Lake Superior Drug And Violent Crime Task Force said.

The Duluth Police Department also want to remind those struggling to seek out their substance use response team, or SURT, to find the help they need.

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